Hidden Hvar Off Road Adventure

Ancient roads, ghost towns and panoramic views!

Explore the backroads and ghost towns of Hvar island! Adventurous, off the beaten path excitement where your guide will take you places only locals know, exploring the hidden and mysterious parts of Hvar Island that time has forgotten. In an off road vehicle, your local guide will take you along ancient roads that lead to panoramic vistas and the abandoned villages of the islands. Amongst the atomospheric setting of one village you will complete your adventurous day with a delicious traditional Dalmatian feast in the abandoned village of Malo Grablje. A perfect day that will have you recalling the beauty of Hvar for days to come!

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Duration:   half day

Difficulty:   moderate

Location:   Hvar island

Available May to October

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Velo Grablje village
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Lavender fields
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Lavender fields
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In the streets of Croatia's oldest town - Stari Grad
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In the streets of Croatia's oldest town - Stari Grad
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In the streets of Croatia's oldest town - Stari Grad
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Away from crowds
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Bay of Dubovica on Hvar Island
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Abandoned vineyards

Tour description

Meet your specialized local guide and expert driver to begin your exclusive, private off-road adventure tour of Hvar island that takes you up through the highland plateaus of lavender fields, ancestral olive groves, stone walls and abandoned villages.

Away from the bustle of Hvar town, this is Hvar as it has been for centuries, serenely beautiful, rugged and full of fascinating history. Many inland villages on Hvar island were abandoned over the years, the inhabitants forced out by loss of liveliehood to crop disease and the lure of employment in the coastal settlements.The villages left behind are like enchanted time capsules, medieval ghost towns of traditional island life sitting in the hills backed by cliffs and slowly being swallowed up by nature. Scents of Hvar island are also well known: lavender, rosemary, sage...just to name the few of over two hundred plant species of Hvar hillside. 

Sunny side of Hvar has amazing views of open seas. Vis and Bisevo being closest and Korcula and Lastovo located further away. To the south. The sunsets from Hvar are always special although each part of the day holds its special moments. Hvar is a special place. Unique from its shores to abandoned ancient houses of its interior. The roads less traveled are now those the nature claims back with tall pines and strawberry trees. 

In the incredible location of the unique abandoned village of Malo Grablje, you will stop for an exclusive traditional dinner. A stunning and atmospheric setting you won't forget.
Following dinner, you will have your return transfer to Hvar town.

  • This tour is fully private and on request only.
  • Tour includes collection from your hotel, villa or private accommodation on Hvar island, chauffeured off-road vehicle, guide for the duration of the trip and traditional dinner.
  • Bring your camera, comfortable shoes, hat, sunscreen and swimwear in the summer months.

Unique tradition of Hvar island

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Hvar island has a religous event that has been listed in the UNESCO Croatian intangible cultural heritage list. A profound tradition that has spanned nearly five centuries uninterrupted, the Catholic procession Za Križen' (Following the Cross) is of particular cultural and religious significance to the identity of Hvar island, particularily for the centrally located villages of the interior. Through the night, before Good Friday, a procession led by cross bearers that come together from six villages walk 25 kilometers over the island, visiting churches and chapels, the lamentation of the Virgin Mary chanted as they walk, the procession members only returning to their respective chapels at dawn. Another unique piece of Hvar culture beyond its booming tourist industry.

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Hidden Hvar Off Road Adventure

Hidden Hvar Off Road Adventure

Ancient roads, ghost towns and panoramic views!