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Duration: full day

Difficulty: moderate

Location: Brač

Available May to October

The Ultimate Brac Island Experience

Explore Brač island!

Each Croatian island has a unique personality and the one of Brač is bold, rugged and beautiful. Holding a lion’s share of mysterious legends, secrets, and fascinating history, the vast and dramatic landscapes of Brač are just begging to be explored. From the ancient villages and deep valleys, up to the lofty ridges, there is the history of the hardy people who drew life out of this rugged, arid terrain. Vidova Gora, the island’s highest peak, boasts stunning panoramic views of Zlatni Rat beach, and across to Hvar and Korčula, making Brač feel like a land of its own.

  • This tour is fully private and on request only.
  • Tour includes collection from your hotel, villa or private accommodation in Split region, chauffeured off-road vehicle and guide for the duration of the trip, ferry tickets, entrance tickets and traditional lunch.
  • Bring camera, comfortable shoes, hat, sunscreen and swimwear in the summer months.
  • OPTIONAL: The tour can be upgraded with a private speedboat transfer from/to Split. Available at additional cost.

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Historic towns, hilltops, coastal villages, mysterious monasteries, meditative caves and incredible panoramic views all lie along the path you are about to embark on. We have combined hiking and an off-road adventure to take you along the backroads and trails of the island to show you the quintessential island culture, nature and local charm of Brač.

A moderate hike, almost like a stroll through time, brings you to Škrip village – the oldest settlement on the island and a veritable time capsule. You will pass through ancient ruins and stone walls of the Illyrian tribes, visit a medieval fortress that houses the museum, containing the supposed crypt of the mother of Constantine the Great. To top it all off – a museum entirely devoted to olive oil production. You may even get to sample some of the local lady’s rakija!

Then continue your hike down to Pustinje Blaca and its famous monastery, which was founded in 1551 by Glagolitic monks from the Republic of Poljica. This small Republic existed behind Omis, wedged between the rivalrous Venetian and Ottoman Empires. The monks, fearing Turkish raids, fled to Brac in the 15th century and later received permission to build their monastery in its current, well-hidden location that is not visible from land or sea!

The final highlight will be the ride to the highest peak of Brac Island called Vidova Gora. This is also the highest island peak in Dalmatia serves the Adriatic, Hvar Island, and iconic point of Zlatni Rat beach far below like on a platter.

Round off your day with a well-deserved lunch in a traditional tavern followed by the return to your place of stay.


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Split, Brač


Split, Supetar, Milna





Zlatni Rat

Zlatni Rat – the shape-shifting beach! Croatia’s most famous and unusual beach, also known as the Golden Horn, is rated one of the top beaches in Europe. A naturally occurring spit of polished white pebbles juts out at right angles from the coastline for 500 meters, its point shifting and changing shape with the strong surrounding currents. The afternoon winds draw watersport enthusiasts in droves, the point of the beach becoming a literal launch pad for kite and windsurfers. Nothing less than striking, the bustling vibe of the beach point is a sight to see for itself!


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Our private guided tour of Brač Island offers you an intimate, customized experience unlike any other. Being a private tour, you get personalized attention from our experienced guides who are passionate about sharing the culture, history, and scenic beauty of the island. You can expect to explore the historical villages, deep valleys, lofty ridges, and fascinating historical landmarks, each with a story to share. Brač tours usually include highlights such as Vidova Gora, the island’s highest peak, and Škrip, the oldest settlement on the island, but we take it a step further by introducing you to lesser-known treasures, providing you with a unique perspective of the island’s diverse landscapes and cultural heritage.

Our tour focuses on showing you the authentic side of Brač Island. We will visit the village of Škrip, the island’s oldest settlement, home to ancient ruins, a medieval fortress, and a museum dedicated to olive oil production. Another key attraction is the Pustinja Blaca Monastery, a hidden gem founded in 1551 by Glagolitic monks fleeing from Turkish raids. Finally, we will ascend to Vidova Gora, the highest peak in Dalmatia, which offers stunning views of the Adriatic Sea, Hvar Island, and the famous Zlatni Rat beach. Our ultimate aim is to provide you with an enriching experience that encapsulates the island’s charm and unique history.

Our Ultimate Brač Island Experience is classified as a moderate difficulty tour. This means that we will be covering various terrains, including some hilly areas. However, don’t let this deter you, as the stunning views and unique experiences you will encounter make it worth every step. We recommend that you bring comfortable shoes suitable for hiking, a hat and sunscreen for protection against the sun, and a camera to capture the beautiful landscapes. Swimwear is recommended for the summer months, and a warm layer for cooler days.

We have carefully curated our private tour of Brač Island to provide you with the most comprehensive and memorable experience. The tour includes collection from your accommodation in the Split region, chauffeured off-road vehicle and guide for the day, ferry tickets, entrance tickets to various attractions, and a traditional lunch. In addition, we can tailor the tour to suit your specific interests and needs, reinforcing our commitment to offering bespoke experiences for every client.

Yes, the Ultimate Brač Island Experience can be upgraded. For an additional cost, we offer the option of a private speedboat transfer to and from Split, adding an extra touch of luxury to your experience. We are dedicated to providing flexible and customizable options to ensure that you have the most enjoyable and unique experience on Brač Island.

Our private guided tour of Brač Island stands out because it provides a perfect blend of nature, culture, and history. You will discover the essence of the island through its fascinating landmarks, stunning landscapes, and traditional cuisine. Our professional and knowledgeable guides will enrich your experience with interesting stories and insights about the island’s history and people. If you are looking for an unforgettable adventure in Croatia, the Ultimate Brač Island Experience is the perfect choice.

Absolutely. Our Ultimate Brač Island Experience includes a traditional lunch, and we are happy to cater to your dietary preferences or restrictions. Please inform us in advance, and we will ensure to prepare a meal that suits your requirements.

Our private tour of Brač Island is a full-day adventure, allowing you plenty of time to explore and enjoy the island’s many attractions. We believe that a relaxed pace enhances the overall experience, so we allow ample time at each location for you to fully take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of Brač.

The Ultimate Brač Island Experience is available from May to October. The weather during these months is usually warm and sunny, perfect for exploring the outdoor attractions and enjoying the beautiful beaches of the island.

Yes, our private guided tour of Brač Island is a family-friendly experience. The varied activities and attractions will keep children engaged and excited throughout the day. However, due to the moderate difficulty level of the tour, it may not be suitable for very young children. Please feel free to discuss any concerns with us, and we will do our best to accommodate your family’s needs.