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The ultimate guide to private tours in Croatia

Secret Dalmatia travel agency – started from our pure passion for discovering and preserving Croatia’s rich cultural and natural heritage. Intended for cosmopolitan, educated travelers who want more from a destination than just to tick off another spot on their world map, Secret Dalmatia is about experiencing and traveling in Croatia at its finest. If traveling to Croatia and interested in unique, custom itinerary in Croatia, visit our travel in Croatia website: or contact us at [email protected] with all your questions and comments.

Destinations highlighted in our tours are often our personal favorites, places we feel the world should see in Croatia. From international stars like Dubrovnik Old Town, Hvar or Plitvice Lakes, to untamed landscapes of Cetina River or upcoming Istrian wineries, we try to show you both the beauties and the contradictions of our multifaceted country. Guided by unique individuals, our tours are distinguished by true local insights and unique experiences. 

If you are a professional, certified travel agent whose clients are seeking an unforgettable travel experience in Croatia, we would be pleased to work with you.

Adventure Tours in Croatia

Many interesting and unique experiences of different, wild and beautiful Croatia!

Food & Wine Tours in Croatia

Enjoy the ultimate experiences in Croatian food and wine!

History Tours in Croatia

From the Illyrian tribes to Roman palaces, medieval towns to Yugoslav military tunnels.

Culture Tours in Croatia

All the riches of the region's heritage!

Nature Tours in Croatia

Amazing is natural diversity of this small country!

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