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Duration: half day

Difficulty: easy

Location: Istria

available all year round

Istrian Truffle hunt

Delight in seeking delight in Istrian forests!

The mystic forests that surround the Istrian hilltop village of Motovun are home to the treasures of the Istrian cuisine, the black and the white truffle! Gourmands flock to Istra for the specialties that use the powerful and distinct flavors of the truffle in everything from cheeses to chocolate, pastas and honey. Their flavor and aroma rank high on any epicurean bucket list, but hunting for truffles will add a dash of thrill and the prospect of triumphantly finding your own lunch! With certain black truffle varieties growing year round, making truffle hunting possible in all seasons, the Secret Dalmatia Exclusive Private Truffle-Hunting Tour will bring you a culinary adventure like no other you have experienced.

Private tour and on request only.

Not suitable for guests with mobility issues due to ample is walking in hilly terrain.

Please wear sports shoes and long pants suitable for time in the forest.

Don’t forget your camera!

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Croatian cuisine is based on fresh local produce and seasonal availability, and many restaurant chefs pick herbs and vegetables just before preparation, but there is surely no experience quite like hunting truffles for dinner! Try your hand at foraging with the Kotiga family and their specially trained truffle-hunting dogs in the beautiful forests and nature of Istria. If not to find the treasure, it is the unique chance to enjoy time engaging with the locals in the pretty surroundings of the famous truffle-filled Istrian forests!

The theory of truffle hunting and the stories behind delicacies produced of various truffles that grow in the area can be as entertaining as the hunt itself and are surely necessary to put things into perspective before embarking into the forests.

You will then join the Kotiga family and their specially trained dogs, and head downhill through the steep forests to try your luck with the valuable black and precious white truffles. After all, this is the region where the largest white truffle in the world was discovered! Your efforts and earned appetite will be rewarded by a hearty lunch prepared exclusively for Secret Dalmatia guests, with a tasting of local truffle delicacies including different types of cheese, truffle honey, pâté and even truffle biscuits.

Dress sporty for the experience, and best wear sports shoes and long pants, as you will spend ample time in the forest.

Suggestion: Combine our exclusive truffle hunting tour with a tour of magical hilltop towns of Istria. Nighttime truffle hunting also available!

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The truffle, or tartufi as they call it in Croatia, is a unique underground mushroom with potato-like shape, and is considered the highlight of Istrian cuisine. Known for the highest quality of truffles – especially the white truffle, the Istrian variety often rivals those of Alba and Piedmont regions in Italy. The fine white truffle is the most valued, and grows from September until January and is best enjoyed freshly shaved over pasta, meat or fish. The 1.31 kg white truffle found in the forest around Motovun in 1999 was the world’s heaviest truffle in the world for a while, but the current title holder from Umbria, discovered in 2014, makes its seem small with its 1.890kg.


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Our Istrian Truffle Hunt tour is an exclusive culinary adventure that offers a unique opportunity for truffle enthusiasts. Nestled in the mystic forests around the hilltop village of Motovun, Istria is famous for its rich truffle production. During the tour, you will experience the excitement of truffle hunting in Istria, the heart of Croatian truffle regions, guided by the local Kotiga family and their specially trained truffle-hunting dogs.

One of the exciting aspects of truffle hunting in Croatia, particularly in Istria, is that it’s possible year-round due to certain varieties of black truffle growing in all seasons. However, the prized white truffles, one of the Istria truffle hunting highlights, grow from September until January.

Yes, it’s recommended that you dress sporty for this truffle hunting in Motovun experience. You will spend ample time in the forest, and the terrain can be hilly. Hence, sports shoes and long pants are the most suitable attire to ensure your comfort and safety during this exciting adventure.

This Istrian truffle hunting experience involves a considerable amount of walking in hilly terrain, making it not suitable for guests with mobility issues. Nonetheless, for those able to participate, it promises a rewarding and thrilling culinary adventure.

Apart from the exciting hunt, you’ll also gain deep insights into the theory of truffle hunting and stories behind the truffle delicacies that are integral to Istrian cuisine. This knowledge not only enhances the truffle hunting experience but also gives you a profound understanding of this valued culinary asset.

Following your truffle hunting Croatia adventure, you’ll be rewarded with a hearty lunch, including a tasting of local truffle delicacies. From different types of cheese, truffle honey, pâté, and even truffle biscuits, it’s a gastronomic delight exclusively arranged for our guests.

Absolutely! We encourage you to bring your camera. The truffle hunting in Motovun tour not only offers a unique culinary experience but also stunning views of the surrounding nature and the chance to capture the thrill of the hunt.

Yes, you can combine our exclusive truffle hunting Istria tour with a tour of the magical hilltop towns of Istria. There’s also an exciting option for nighttime truffle hunting, offering a whole new perspective on this unique experience.

Istria, particularly the area around the hilltop village of Motovun, is globally renowned for its truffles – a highly sought-after culinary delicacy. The truffle, known as ‘tartufi’ in Croatia, is an underground mushroom noted for its unique flavor and aroma, enhancing the essence of various dishes, from pastas, meats, to cheeses and even chocolates.

There are several varieties of truffles found in Istria, but the most revered are the black and white truffles. Black truffles grow year-round, making truffle hunting a constant activity throughout the seasons. They have an intense, rich flavor that is particularly appreciated in gastronomy, often used to enhance sauces, cheese, and meat dishes.

However, it is the white truffle, gathered from September to January, that is truly esteemed. The Istrian white truffle is one of the most valued in the world, rivalling those from the famed Alba and Piedmont regions of Italy. It’s characterized by its powerful aroma and complex, earthy flavor. Chefs around the world covet these truffles to create exceptional dishes, often serving them shaved over pasta, meat, or fish to let their distinctive flavor shine.

It’s worth mentioning that Istria was home to the record for the world’s largest white truffle until 2014. The truffle weighed 1.31 kg and was found in the forest around Motovun in 1999. This record, though now surpassed by a truffle from Umbria, Italy, highlights the exceptional truffle growth conditions in Istria, making it a prime destination for truffle hunting.

Partaking in our truffle hunting tour gives you not only the chance to find these culinary gems but also the opportunity to understand their significance in Croatian and global cuisine. Whether you’re a foodie, a chef, or simply a curious traveler, truffle hunting in Croatia, particularly in Istria, offers a fascinating and rewarding experience.

Our Istrian Truffle Hunt tour is private and available on request. Simply reach out to us through our website or contact us directly to schedule your unforgettable truffle hunting in Croatia experience.