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Duration: half day

Difficulty: easy

Location: Split

Available all year round

See/Feel/Listen/Taste Tour of Split’s Diocletian’s Palace!

Unique tour for travelers with disabilities

A unique, private Palace Tour especially created for travelers with disabilities.  Not only discover the living 1,700 year-old walled fortress/residence of the Emperor Diocletian, but enjoy a wonderful grilled lunch with the fish that we buy together at Split’s bustling fish market!

This tour is specifically designed for travelers who are in a wheelchair, are visually/hearing impaired and need a personal assistant as well as a professionally-trained tour guide.

  • Split’s bustling fish market
  • Inside the world’s oldest active cathedral–St. Domnius Cathedral
  • Cathedral Museum and Treasury
  • Ancient basements
  • Bespoke lunch with wine at a local bistro with a harbour view
  • This tour as a whole or partially, can be customized to fit your specific needs- like certain foods; different time/s of the day to start; etc.

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What you'll see on this tour

After meeting you at your hotel, apartment, cruise ship, we will be off to visit the city’s wonderful fish market to learn about Adriatic fish.  Part of the market is open-air and the rest is inside a classic iron-frame/glass-covered turn of the century market building.

Then, depending on what you like, we will buy the freshest and bring it to an authentic local konoba where it will be cooked to order when we return from our walk!
Our Palace tour includes main gates; alleys and byways from the Roman period; stunning smaller palaces dating from the 13thC to 17thC; the recently restored OId City Hall from the Venetian period and even an 800 year-old hotel!

Along our way we’ll be sure to stop at one of the many festive outdoor cafes for coffee or another beverage and meet some locals, too.

In addition to the streets and squares within the Palace, we will go inside the Cathedral, which is the oldest Catholic cathedral in the world (it’s the former mausoleum of the Emperor and dates from 305AD!), the ancient basement substructures, the most important “gates” of the Palace and more.

We will also visit a small, very handsome museum just opposite the Cathedral that highlights its construction, houses the foundation of an early Roman temple as well as the Cathedral’s Treasury, which is on an upstairs floor, accessible by elevator.

Although not wheelchair accessible, for those who would like to visit the 3rd oldest synagogue in Europe, we can arrange a visit here too.

This program is limited to just four guests.  It includes the services of an assistant as well as a professional, licensed guide, all admissions and taxes.

Please let us know your age and gender and your disability as well as the others in your party so we can make sure your experience is memorable!

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Diocletian's Palace

Split Cathedral is the oldest Catholic cathedral in the world (it’s the former mausoleum of the Emperor and dates from 305AD!). The tour also includes the ancient basement substructures, the most important “gates” of the Palace and more.


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Our private Split walking tour, specifically tailored for individuals with disabilities, is not merely a historical or architectural tour of Split’s most iconic monument, the Diocletian Palace. It is an experience carefully curated to ensure inclusivity, convenience, and immersive cultural exploration. The primary objective is to accommodate and cater to the specific needs of our guests, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to witness the splendor of Split’s historical heritage.

The tour is designed with various types of disabilities in mind, including those using wheelchairs and those with visual or hearing impairments. Alongside a professionally-trained tour guide, a personal assistant will accompany the guests throughout the journey to ensure safety, comfort, and assistance.

Diocletian Palace, despite its age and historical architecture, is fairly accessible for people with disabilities, particularly those using wheelchairs. Several main areas, gates, alleys, and byways within the Palace are accessible. Also, key attractions such as the Cathedral Museum and Treasury are equipped with elevators.

However, please note that certain locations within the tour, such as Europe’s 3rd oldest synagogue, may not be wheelchair accessible. Therefore, we’ve ensured the flexibility of this tour by providing options to customize it according to the guests’ needs and preferences.

Absolutely, flexibility and a bespoke approach to each client are at the heart of our philosophy. We understand that every individual has unique needs, preferences, and interests. Therefore, our private Split walking tour can be tailored to cater to specific requirements, such as preferred foods, preferred starting times of the day, etc. Just let us know what you’d like, and we will do our utmost to provide you with a memorable, customized experience.

This comprehensive tour of Split’s historic heart includes an exploration of Diocletian’s Palace, the world’s oldest active cathedral – St. Domnius Cathedral, the Cathedral Museum and Treasury, ancient basement substructures, and the bustling fish market of Split. You’ll get a taste of local life, see spectacular ancient architecture, and delve into the rich history of Split.

While we take care of all admissions, guides, and meals, we recommend you bring along any personal items you might need. This could include personal medication, any specific accessibility equipment you use, sun protection, etc. And of course, bring a camera to capture your memories!

Yes, our private Split walking tour is designed with the needs of visually and hearing impaired guests in mind. We have professionally-trained tour guides and personal assistants who are experienced in assisting guests with these impairments. They will help ensure that you have an enriching, comfortable, and safe tour experience.

The tour package includes the services of a professional, licensed guide, a personal assistant, all admissions and taxes, as well as a bespoke lunch with wine at a local bistro with a harbor view. The tour also includes a unique experience of visiting the city’s bustling fish market where we will learn about Adriatic fish and select the freshest catch to be cooked to order.

This tour is specifically designed to ensure that individuals with disabilities have a comfortable, engaging, and memorable experience. Along with a professionally-trained tour guide, a personal assistant is included who will be with the guests throughout the tour. We’ve ensured that key sites visited during the tour are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Furthermore, we provide a bespoke service allowing us to adjust the itinerary to suit the specific needs and preferences of our guests.

The tour takes half a day. However, the exact duration might vary slightly depending on the pace of the group, specific needs, and the customizations made to the itinerary.

The private tour of Diocletian’s Palace for people with disabilities is available all year round. This allows our guests the flexibility to choose the date that best suits their schedule.