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Stories of Zagreb

A Walking Tour of Croatia's Capital

Zagreb is a wonderful city to explore on foot. Compact and charming but also exciting and diverse, it oozes that feel of a small-scale capital city which offers many options but remains in touch with its people. Surprising and entertaining around each corner, with a brimming street scene, green parks, lively markets, world-class shopping and a cool history to match, Zagreb pulses in the intriguing space between its medieval past, Art Nouveau moment and contemporary heyday. Threading the story from the olden days to the thriving present, our classic walking tour highlights the very essence of the Croatian capital.

  • This tour is fully private and on request only.
  • Tour includes collection from your hotel or private accommodation in Zagreb region by our guide and professional English speaking chauffeur in a comfortable luxury sedan car or passenger van.
  • Bring your camera, comfortable shoes, hat and sunscreen in the summer months.
  • Please advise if you have any mobility issues so the tour can be adjusted accordingly.

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Modern Zagreb grew out of two medieval settlements, Kaptol, founded in 1094, and Gradec, proclaimed a free royal city in 1242. Today, the capital of Croatia is a lively Central European city busting with activity. The 20th century brought the Secession style to its public buildings, parks and fountains, emanating the lofty spirit of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. With a rich tradition of art, music and culture, strolling the Upper and Lower town to enjoy numerous galleries, colorful open-air markets, coffee houses, fine restaurants and parks is marvelous.

Our tour begins with the city’s most memorable sights in the fortified, medieval Upper Town. We’ll see the famous St. Mark’s Church with its multi-colored tile roof, the baroque church of St. Catherine, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Parliament with the Government Palace. As we move to the Lower City, stretching around the main square with the statue of Ban Jelačić, the first Ban (Count) of Croatia and the man who abolished serfdom in Croatia. We will see the 19th century National Theater, Museum of Arts & Crafts, the University and the beautiful Zrinjevac Park with its numerous elaborate Secession (Art Nouveau) buildings, leaving you with an abundance of paths to continue your exploration and a great desire to come back for more.

This classic walking tour is a tour for all seasons. In the summer, with everyone away on vacation, although hot, the city feels empty, calm and uniquely yours. The autumn walks are colorful, with yellow and red leaves crackling beneath the traces of your exploration. The winters are scented with aromas of cooked wine and baked chestnuts, brimming with street fairs and Christmas décor. But Zagreb springtime, that is something else. On the backdrop of blossoming nature and flowering trees, the whole city awakens, making you fall in love with Zagreb forever.

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Witches of Zagreb

History of Zagreb is filled with stories of the occult and witchcraft. The last Croatian witch was burned at the stake near Zagreb back in 1752 before Maria Theresa outlawed witch-burning and torture in the late 18th century.
If you still happen to get in some sort of supernatural trouble, the safest place to hide in Zagreb is the Kaptol Franciscan Monastery, located just above Tkalčićeva Street. Although the official church is very secretive about the subject, rumor has it that the monks living in the monastery are skilled exorcists.


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The ‘Stories of Zagreb’ is a captivating exploration that perfectly encapsulates the charm of Croatia’s capital. Throughout this guided walking tour, you’ll journey from the city’s medieval roots to its thriving present, discovering the many layers of Zagreb’s identity. Wandering between the Upper and Lower towns, your senses will be awash with colorful open-air markets, artistic treasures in various galleries, the inviting aromas from coffee houses and fine restaurants, and the tranquil beauty of numerous parks. The diversity and vibrancy of this Central European city truly come to life when explored on foot. Our experienced guide, who accompanies you, will illuminate each twist and turn with fascinating insights, weaving the narrative thread that connects Zagreb’s past to its present.

Our Zagreb walking tour is an immersive journey that uncovers the city’s most iconic sights. In the fortified, medieval Upper Town, you’ll encounter the multi-colored tile roof of St. Mark’s Church, the Baroque beauty of St. Catherine’s Church, the towering St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and the Parliament with the Government Palace. The Lower City’s charm is equally compelling, with the main square, the statue of Ban Jelačić, the National Theater, the Museum of Arts & Crafts, the University, and Zrinjevac Park awaiting your discovery. The interplay of history, architecture, and culture at each location makes for a rich and varied sightseeing experience.

The city of Zagreb grew from two medieval settlements, Kaptol and Gradec. As the capital of Croatia, it has flourished over the centuries into a lively, bustling city with deep historical roots. The 20th-century Secession style, a symbol of the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s grandeur, graces many of the city’s public buildings, parks, and fountains. The tour enables you to witness this tangible history firsthand, whether through the fortified Upper Town’s ancient streets or the Lower City’s Secessionist buildings. Alongside these, you’ll encounter tales of the city’s vibrant past, from stories of witchcraft to the influence of notable figures like Ban Jelačić.

The ‘Stories of Zagreb’ tour is much more than a simple walk around the city. It is a personalized experience that places a high premium on intimacy, immersion, and depth. This tour, designed as a private engagement, allows for a tailored experience that caters to your individual interests and pace. With the full attention of your professional guide, you’ll have the chance to delve deeper into the stories, secrets, and anecdotes that pique your curiosity the most, making your exploration of Zagreb a truly unique and meaningful one. Additionally, your comfort is our priority, with convenient pick-up services from your accommodation, making the tour even more seamless and enjoyable.

Zagreb is a city for all seasons, and our walking tour reflects this wonderfully. During the summer months, while many residents vacation elsewhere, the city is tranquil and exclusively yours to explore. Autumn is a colorful spectacle, with golden and crimson leaves underfoot as you traverse the city. Winter in Zagreb presents a warm, festive atmosphere with aromas of mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, bustling street fairs, and vibrant Christmas decorations. However, the magic of Zagreb truly unfolds in spring. Amidst blooming flowers and trees, the city awakens, casting an irresistible charm that can make you fall in love with Zagreb forever. Each season provides a unique backdrop, adding a distinct character to your journey through the city.

Yes, absolutely! We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the charm and history of Zagreb. Should you or any of your companions have mobility issues, we will gladly tailor the tour to accommodate your specific needs. This could involve adjusting the pace, selecting accessible routes, or modifying the itinerary to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Just let us know your requirements, and we will customize the tour to provide the most satisfying exploration of Croatia’s capital.

Preparing for your journey through Zagreb is quite straightforward. We recommend comfortable shoes for the walk and a camera to capture the memorable sights and experiences. If your tour takes place during the summer, a hat and sunscreen can be useful to protect against the sun. Remember, our tours are customized for your comfort, so simply bring along your sense of adventure and curiosity.

While each corner of Zagreb holds its unique charm, some highlights are especially memorable. The multi-colored tile roof of St. Mark’s Church in the Upper Town, the elegant National Theater, the vibrant Zrinjevac Park with its Secession buildings, and the intriguing stories of the city’s medieval past all stand out. Moreover, the city’s cuisine deserves a special mention, whether it’s the inviting aromas wafting from the open-air markets or the gourmet delights of the city’s fine restaurants.

Yes, rest assured that your tour guide for the private guided Zagreb tour is fluent in English. Our professional guides are not only proficient in the language but are also skilled storytellers, bringing to life the city’s rich history, culture, and charm in an engaging and captivating manner. They are more than equipped to answer your questions, provide insights, and ensure your exploration of Zagreb is as enjoyable and enriching as possible.

Zagreb has a fascinating history associated with the occult and witchcraft. On our tour, you’ll hear captivating stories of the city’s supernatural past, adding an exciting layer to your understanding of Zagreb’s history. You’ll learn about the last Croatian witch, burned near Zagreb in 1752, before the practice was outlawed by Maria Theresa later that century. Such stories are part of Zagreb’s unique charm, and our guides are well-versed in presenting these intriguing narratives to enhance your experience. Remember, though, if you ever find yourself needing protection from the supernatural, the Kaptol Franciscan Monastery is reputedly a safe haven!