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Jewish Heritage of Split

The intricate tiers of Jewish history in Split

Explore Split with an added perspective of the intriguingly rich Jewish heritage that lies concealed within the palace walls of the city center. In the narrow alleys, amongst layers of history, discover one of Europe’s oldest synagogues and hear the stories of Jewish people and their culture which played an important role in the society of a city founded on Roman ruins – once pagan and then largely Christian. Learn about the ancient background of this fascinating city, as well as the influence its Jewish citizens had on its development.

  • This tour is fully private and on request only.
  • Tour includes collection from your hotel, villa or private accommodation by our local guide and professional English speaking chauffeur in a comfortable luxury sedan car or passenger van, entrance tickets and a visit to the synagogue.
  • Bring your camera, comfortable shoes, hat and sunscreen in the summer months.
  • Please advise if you have any mobility issues so the tour can be adjusted accordingly.
  • OPTIONAL: A more extensive tour can also include a scenic walk through the neighborhood of Varoš, up the steep stairs to Marjan park to visit the small Jewish cemetery. Our guests have an exclusive access to view the collection of tombstones, some of Split’s most celebrated Jews with rare double-carved “illuminated” Hebrew letters.

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Jews have been part of Split culture since the early Roman period and the tiny synagogue created in the 16th century is one of the oldest in Europe. Although the current congregation numbers only one hundred or so, the place of Jews in the history of the city is profound: Jews like David Rodriga and Vid Morpurgo played important roles in culture and society.

Your private tour will begin with a stroll through the 1,700-year-old Diocletian Palace to find the little-known Jewish aspects hidden in the architecture and ruins. Enter the ghetto via the Jewish Passage to find the synagogue where you will meet the members of the small congregation. You will be introduced to a fascinating history of Split’s Jewish community, their role in the cultural and economic growth of Split but also the sad fate of many who perished in WW2. During the walk you will also explore other aspects of Split’s history which played a relevant role in the daily life of the town’s Jewish community with highlighting the journey of famous landmarks from past to present.

No visit to Split is complete without time spent on the grand palm-lined seaside promenade, Riva – the social hub of the city where everyone goes to see and be seen! Enjoy the great parade of life, soaking up the ambiance of contemporary and dynamic Split while reflecting on its fascinating past.

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Morpurgo Bookstore

The oldest bookstore in Split, and the oldest one in Europe to reside in the same location from opening to the last day, Knjižara Morpurgo was founded in 1860 by Vid Morpurgo, one of the most prominent members of the Jewish community in Split. Born in 1838 to a well-established family, Vid never married but instead focused all his energies on upgrading and educating the surrounding community and environment. Ultimately becoming a publisher, reporter, bookstore owner, pioneer industrialist, banker, and culture promoter, Vid Morpurgo left behind a legacy of achievements after passing in 1911, including, among others, the first published guidebook to Split.


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The Jewish tour in Split is a unique journey through the rich Jewish heritage of the city. The tour begins at the Split Synagogue, one of the oldest Sephardic synagogues still in use today. Located in the heart of the Diocletian’s Palace, the synagogue is a testament to the resilience and enduring spirit of the Jewish community in Split. From there, the tour takes you to the Jewish Ghetto, where you’ll learn about the life of Jews in Split during the Middle Ages. The tour also includes a visit to the old Jewish cemetery, a poignant reminder of the city’s Jewish past. Throughout the tour, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the Jewish history and culture in Split, from the arrival of the first Jews in the 3rd century to the present day.

The tour will take you to the Jewish Ghetto, the 16th-century Synagogue, and the iconic Diocletian’s Palace. You’ll also visit the Morpurgo Bookstore, the oldest bookstore in Split. An optional extension includes a scenic walk to Marjan park to visit the Jewish cemetery.

The tour includes pick-up from your hotel or private accommodation, guided tour with a professional English-speaking guide, entrance tickets to the synagogue, and comfortable transport via a luxury sedan or passenger van.

The duration of the tour depends on the pace set by the group, but it typically lasts approximately three hours. If you choose to include the optional extension to Marjan park, the tour could last up to four hours.

While the tour includes a moderate amount of walking, it can be adjusted according to your physical capabilities. Please let us know in advance if you have any mobility issues.

We recommend comfortable shoes for walking, and a hat and sunscreen during the summer months. Don’t forget your camera to capture the beautiful and historical sights of Split!

Yes, this tour is family-friendly. However, due to the historical and cultural nature of the tour, it may be more suitable for older children and teenagers.

You can request the tour by contacting us via our website, email, or phone. Please specify any special requests or mobility issues at the time of booking.

Yes, we can accommodate specific requests or interests to create a bespoke experience. Please mention any special requirements or preferences when booking.

We recommend booking as far in advance as possible to secure your preferred date, especially during the peak tourist season. However, we’ll always do our best to accommodate last-minute bookings.

The Jewish Heritage of Split tour offers a unique and immersive experience of the city’s rich Jewish heritage. Unlike standard tours, this tour takes you off the beaten path to explore the hidden gems of Jewish history and culture in Split. The tour is led by knowledgeable guides who are passionate about sharing the history and culture of the Jewish community in Split. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or religion, the Jewish Heritage of Split tour offers a unique and enriching experience.

The Jewish community in Split has a rich tapestry dating back to Roman times, experiencing periods of growth, adversity, and resilience. This tour will allow you to step back in time and discover these historical moments that have been subtly etched into the city’s landscape.

Split’s cultural milieu has been significantly influenced by its Jewish residents, from music and art to cuisine and commerce. The story of Vid Morpurgo, a prominent Jewish figure, is just one of many narratives that will be unraveled during our immersive tour.

Absolutely! From the hidden symbols within the walls of Diocletian Palace to the architectural nuances of the synagogue, Jewish heritage is woven into the city’s architectural fabric. Our tour guide will ensure you don’t miss a single detail.

Split is a haven for food lovers. While here, you can enjoy traditional Dalmatian dishes that bear a Jewish influence. Specific recommendations will be provided during the tour, ensuring your taste buds also get a slice of Split’s diverse culture.

Definitely! There are numerous books, documentaries, and online resources that can enrich your experience of Jewish heritage in Split. We will provide a list of suggested readings and viewings upon your booking confirmation.

The Split Synagogue holds a special place in the Jewish heritage of Split. Built in the 16th century, it is one of the oldest Sephardic synagogues still in use today. The synagogue is located within the walls of the Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which adds to its historical significance. The synagogue is not only a place of worship but also a symbol of the enduring presence and resilience of the Jewish community in Split. During the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the synagogue and learn about its history and architectural features.

Respect and courtesy are paramount when visiting religious sites. Specific guidelines for etiquette, such as appropriate attire and behaviour, will be detailed during the tour to ensure a harmonious experience for all.

The Old Jewish Cemetery in Split is a poignant reminder of the city’s Jewish past. Established in the 16th century, the cemetery is one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in Europe. The cemetery is located on Marjan Hill, offering a serene and contemplative space away from the hustle and bustle of the city. During the tour, you’ll visit the cemetery and learn about its history and the notable individuals buried there. The visit to the Old Jewish Cemetery offers a unique opportunity to reflect on the history and legacy of the Jewish community in Split.

Yes, there are several local shops in Split where you can find souvenirs reflecting the city’s Jewish heritage. From artisanal crafts to books, your tour guide can provide recommendations based on your interests.