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Duration: half day

Difficulty: easy

Location: Hvar island

Available May to October

The Heart of Hvar Cultural Tour

Explore the people and secrets of the island!

Beyond the sun, sea and famous nightlife, Hvar holds a history of 2400 years and more UNESCO treasures than any other island in the world! From the palatial home of the island’s true Renaissance man, poet Petar Hektorović, to the candle-lit ‘garage wine tasting’ with Croatia’s most famous boutique vintner, stroll down the memory lane of this beautiful island and peek into its precious interiors, discovering along the way the Greek forethought, Slavic feistiness, Venetian sense of style and nature’s beauty enveloping it all. The story of Hvar is the one of traditions persisting in the face of globalization, and sometimes, hand in hand with it.

  • This tour is fully private and on request only.
  • Tour includes collection from your hotel, villa or private accommodation in Stari Grad or Hvar town by our professional English speaking chauffeur in a comfortable luxury sedan car or passenger van, local guide, entrance tickets, wine tasting and lunch served in a local tavern.
  • Tour can be organized from Split, with either Stari Grad port or Hvar port as starting points.
  • Bring your camera, comfortable shoes, hat and sunscreen in the summer months.
  • Please advise if you have any mobility issues so the tour can be adjusted accordingly.

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Between the island’s oldest settlement of Stari Grad and its present-day hotspot, the town of Hvar, a road swirls along 2 millennia of history, vividly embodied in each of the stops you will make. In the company of your private chauffeur and local guide, explore the island’s rich historical and modern philosophies, cultures and flavors.

The day begins in Hvar, today raved about for the European and international jet-set who flock to dance the hot summer nights away. Despite, Hvar’s historical background is hard to overlook. The birthplace of organized tourism in Croatia and the home to the oldest public theater in Europe splashes glimpses of its history at the corner of each palace, open-air piazza and narrow stone alley. Start with a view from above at the Spanish fortress or Fortica, and then wander until you find the quietest place around, the tranquil Benedictine monastery, where nuns have been making lace from agave leaves the same way over 400 years now.

Drive down on an old lavender road to Stari Grad, the oldest town in Croatia. The beautifully preserved centerpiece of Stari Grad is Tvrdalj, fortress built over a lifetime by the famous Renaissance poet, Petar Hektorović. Nearby, the Stari Grad Plain is the cradle of life on Hvar, an 80-hectare agricultural colony founded by the ancient Greeks and recognized by UNESCO for still remaining in much of the same shape 2000 years later.

The pretty harbor town of Jelsa comes next, together with its charismatic Ivo Duboković, Croatia’s leading boutique winemaker. A wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the superior wines and olive oils of the island in his delightfully rustic and intimate cellars.

The ideal way to recall your lovely day is over a delicious lunch served in a local tavern.

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Hvar, Stari grad

Hvar Town




The Spanish fortress

The site upon which sits the medieval castle looming above Hvar town has seen a succession of inhabitants, designers and events. The Illyrian settlement put down the roots on the ridge before 500 BC, than the Byzantine citadel followed in the 6th century, while the Spanish engineers helped with the construction of the 14th century – hence the name. After 200 years on no interventions, the Venetians undertook a life-saving renovation, providing the citizens of Hvar with a place to hide from marauding Turks who invaded the town. Sadly, one lightning strike into the gunpowder stash and the fortress was back to ruins! The Austrians then took a turn at upgrading the fort, expanding and adding barracks.


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This unique Hvar culture tour offers you a glimpse into the island’s remarkable 2400-year history. Steeped in rich heritage, Hvar houses more UNESCO treasures than any other island in the world, making it a veritable treasure chest of cultural marvels. We will lead you through the historical landmarks and hidden gems of the island, from the magnificent palatial home of Renaissance poet Petar Hektorović to intimate candle-lit wine tasting sessions with Croatia’s most acclaimed boutique winemaker. You’ll have the opportunity to not just view, but deeply experience the blend of Greek foresight, Slavic vivacity, Venetian sophistication, and nature’s wonder that define Hvar’s unique charm.

The Heart of Hvar Cultural Tour is a journey through time, covering historical epochs preserved within the island’s architecture and culture. Beginning in the town of Hvar, known for its lively nightlife and historic sites, we’ll then proceed to Stari Grad, the oldest town in Croatia. You’ll be introduced to the majesty of Tvrdalj and the ancient agricultural landscape of the Stari Grad Plain, recognized by UNESCO for its time-encapsulated beauty. Our next stop is the picturesque harbor town of Jelsa, home to the charismatic Ivo Duboković, Croatia’s leading boutique winemaker, where we’ll immerse ourselves in the delightful flavors of Hvar’s exquisite wines and olive oils.

The Heart of Hvar Cultural Tour isn’t merely a sightseeing expedition; it’s a complete sensory immersion. You’ll hear the stories of the past, see architectural masterpieces, touch the texture of centuries-old structures, and taste the fine products of the island. From exploring ancient settlements to participating in wine tasting in Hvar, Croatia, this tour marries cultural discovery with sensory delights. We aim to offer not just a tour, but an enriching, unforgettable experience.

Wine tasting is an integral part of this cultural trip to Hvar. In the quaint harbor town of Jelsa, you’ll meet Ivo Duboković, Croatia’s leading boutique winemaker. He’ll guide you through the process of wine production, sharing insights about the unique qualities of the island’s grapes and the intricacies of the wine-making process. The wine tasting in Hvar, Croatia, will be held in his charming, rustic cellar, offering you the opportunity to savor the superior wines and olive oils of the island. This intimate experience is truly a highlight of our cultural tour.

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our bespoke approach to each tour, ensuring it fits the unique interests and needs of our guests. Whether it’s adjusting the starting times, adding specific points of interest, or addressing dietary preferences for the wine tasting in Hvar, Croatia, our team is here to make sure your Hvar culture tour is personalized to your satisfaction. After all, our goal is to provide an unforgettable, tailor-made experience that celebrates Hvar’s rich cultural tapestry.

We strive to make our cultural trips to Hvar accessible and enjoyable for everyone. If you or a member of your party has mobility issues, please let us know in advance. We can adjust the itinerary accordingly to ensure all destinations and activities are suitable and comfortable. Our guides are trained and experienced in assisting guests with various needs, so you can fully enjoy your Hvar culture tour without worry.

On this cultural trip to Hvar, it is advisable to bring comfortable shoes for walking, a hat, and sunscreen, especially during the summer months. Don’t forget your camera – the vistas and landmarks you’ll encounter are truly picturesque. Our tour includes pick-up from your accommodation in a luxury sedan car or passenger van, so there’s no need to worry about transportation logistics.

At the end of your exploration and wine tasting in Hvar, Croatia, you’ll enjoy a scrumptious lunch at a local tavern. Here, you’ll taste authentic Hvar cuisine, crafted using fresh local ingredients and traditional recipes. This meal is an opportunity to savor the island’s gastronomic delights and unwind as you reflect on the day’s cultural adventure.

The Heart of Hvar Cultural Tour offers a wealth of historical, architectural, and cultural insight, making it an enriching experience for individuals of all ages, including children. However, the wine tasting component might not be suitable for younger guests. If you plan to bring children on the tour, please let us know in advance so we can suggest appropriate adjustments or alternatives.

Our Heart of Hvar Cultural Tour stands apart from others due to our passion for authentic experiences, deep-rooted knowledge, and custom-designed itineraries. We take you beyond the regular tourist trails, revealing the hidden stories and treasures of Hvar, from Renaissance poet Petar Hektorović’s palatial home to wine tasting with a renowned Croatian vintner. Our focus isn’t just on imparting historical facts but fostering a deep, meaningful connection between you and Hvar’s vibrant culture, which reverberates in its landmarks, traditions, and wines. This enriching, immersive journey through Hvar’s history, coupled with our bespoke approach to each guest, makes this Hvar culture tour truly unique.

Yes, the Heart of Hvar Cultural Tour can be organized from Split. Depending on your preference, we can arrange for either the Stari Grad port or Hvar port to be your starting points. The tour includes collection from your location by our professional English speaking chauffeur, providing you a seamless, worry-free travel experience.

The Spanish fortress, or Fortica, is a symbol of Hvar’s resilient history and diverse cultural influences. Over the centuries, it has been shaped by Illyrian, Byzantine, Spanish, Venetian, and Austrian hands. This majestic castle offers breathtaking views of Hvar town and the azure Adriatic sea. It’s a testament to the island’s strategic importance through different epochs and a fascinating part of your exploration of Hvar culture.

The Heart of Hvar Cultural Tour is organized from May to October to provide the most enjoyable and comfortable experience. During these months, the weather in Hvar is typically warm and sunny, ideal for exploring the historical sites, engaging in wine tasting, and soaking up the island’s captivating atmosphere. It’s the perfect time to fully appreciate the cultural treasures Hvar has to offer.

The Stari Grad Plain is a living testament to Hvar’s ancient past. Established by the Greeks in the 4th century BC, this agricultural landscape has remained virtually intact for over two millennia. Recognized by UNESCO, it’s an extraordinary example of the Greeks’ systematic agricultural colonization. This cultural landscape, where ancient and modern practices coexist, is a key highlight of our cultural trips to Hvar. It encapsulates the island’s enduring connection with its past and the persistent harmony between humans and nature.