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Duration: half day

Difficulty: easy

Location: Split, Zadar, Šibenik

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Treasures of Krka River

The waterfalls of Krka, charms of Skradin and the Renaissance Šibenik in one day!

In an incredible show of nature the Krka River plunges down a dramatic limestone gorge to a grand finale of cascading waterfalls that meet the Adriatic Sea in one of the prettiest bays in Dalmatia. Located only an hour’s drive from either Split or Zadar, this is the gateway to paradise. Enjoy emerald waters, lush green forests and the lovely town of Skradin before proceeding to the jewel of Renaissance, Šibenik. From culture, history and nature to a bounty of seafood and fine wines, the region holds a little bit of everything to thrill even the most demanding travelers.

  • This tour is fully private and on request only.
  • Tour includes collection from your hotel, villa or private accommodation by our professional English speaking chauffeur in a comfortable luxury sedan car or passenger van from Šibenik, Zadar or Split, local guide and entrance tickets.
  • Bring your camera, comfortable shoes, hat, sunscreen and swimwear in the summer months.
  • Kindly note that this experience is not suitable for guests with mobility issues!
  • OPTIONAL: We recommend to complete your day with a grand finale at the award-winning “Pelegrini”, repeatedly voted as the best restaurant in Croatia. Enjoy an unforgettable wine paired meal prepared by famous chef Rudi Štefan and stunning views of the St. James cathedral! Available at additional cost.

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Krka National Park is one of the most fascinating regions of Croatia and one of the most popular places to visit in Dalmatia! The amazing river Krka carved a spectacular canyon of waterfalls on its 70-kilometers-long journey from the foothills of Dinara mountain to the amazing estuary under the walls of historic Šibenik.

Enjoy a guided tour of authentically restored small stone houses, workshops, watermills and learn how water was used to make village life possible and sustainable centuries ago. The tour continues with an incredible walk through the park, across the network of forest paths and wooden bridges that take you to the beautiful site where river Krka flows to its. Along the way enjoy rich diversity of flora and fauna.

Continue to Skradin by boat. Ancient Scardona is still one of the most charming places in Dalmatia! This little town is one of the best preserved Dalmatian towns and is a marvelous find in all respects: from the traditional folk klapa singing to the roaring waterfalls of the Skradinski Buk!

Leaving the splendor of Krka waterfalls behind, depart to the lovely UNESCO heritage town of Šibenik. Šibenik is the oldest native Croatian city on the Adriatic coast and home to what many consider the most beautiful cathedral in Croatia dedicated to St. James. Built over an entire century by several successive architects, cathedral of St. James features some of the most remarkable architectural sculpture in Croatia. Enjoy this beautiful town standing in the bay where river Krka meets the sea!

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Zadar, Split



Distance to attraction


Šibenik: 20 Km
Zadar: 76 Km
Split: 92 Km

Krka Waterfalls

Burnum Amphitheatre

Roški Slap



Skradin, the historic Scardona, is a small town on the very mouth of Krka River and at the entrance to the Krka National Park. The main attraction of the park is a series of waterfalls, the biggest of which, Skradinski Buk, was named after Skradin. The town was always an important stronghold, connecting the fertile planes of Dalmatia’s interior to the Adriatic Sea. Today, in addition to splendid natural beauty, Skradin is known for its unique culinary traditions such as Skradin risotto, cooked for 12 hours over an open fire!


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The Krka River, located in the Dalmatian region of Croatia, holds a distinctive allure, especially for those drawn to nature’s grandeur. Its cascading waterfalls plunging into the Adriatic Sea, creating an awe-inspiring spectacle that’s the heart of the “Treasures of Krka River” tour. The river has formed an incredible canyon over time, culminating in an emerald estuary that’s rich in biodiversity. In addition, historical stone houses and workshops, as well as watermills along the river, make the Krka River a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness.

Our bespoke “Treasures of Krka River” tour is skillfully curated and guided by our professional local guides. It includes a walkthrough of authentically restored stone houses and watermills along the Krka River, which help you understand the sustainable village life centuries ago. The guided aspect also extends to the trails across the park, where the guide enriches your exploration with information about the diverse flora and fauna. This approach ensures a wholesome experience of both the historical and ecological aspects of the Krka region.

Our private Krka tour offers an exclusive and personalized experience for travelers. The “Treasures of Krka River” is a fully private tour, allowing guests to indulge in the beauty of Krka at their own pace and with utmost comfort. This private tour includes collection from your accommodation by our professional English speaking chauffeur and a local guide. Our aim is to provide an intimate, curated experience where every detail is tailored to the guest’s interests and comfort, making this private Krka tour a perfect blend of luxury, culture, and nature.

The Krka tour offers an engaging encounter with the region’s culinary traditions. Particularly, in the charming town of Skradin, known for its unique gastronomic offerings like the Skradin risotto, a traditional delicacy cooked over an open fire for 12 hours. Furthermore, the tour can be concluded with a grand finale at the award-winning “Pelegrini” restaurant in Šibenik, where an unforgettable wine paired meal awaits, prepared by the renowned chef Rudi Štefan.

The Krka tour is a splendid mix of nature, history, and culture. Beyond the spectacular Krka River and its waterfalls, you’ll visit the charming town of Skradin, known for its well-preserved Dalmatian architecture and culinary traditions. The tour concludes in the UNESCO heritage town of Šibenik, home to the impressive cathedral of St. James. These attractions, together with the Krka River, make this tour a comprehensive experience of the Croatian Dalmatian region.

The “Treasures of Krka River” tour involves a fair amount of walking through the park and across the network of forest paths and wooden bridges. Regrettably, the tour might not be suitable for guests with mobility issues due to the natural terrain and walkways involved. We prioritize our guests’ safety and comfort, so we highly recommend discussing any special needs or accommodations with our team when booking the tour.

The “Treasures of Krka River” tour is a half-day experience that starts with a visit to the Krka National Park. Here, you’ll be guided through the park’s stone houses, workshops, watermills, and lush greenery. After exploring the park, you will take a boat to Skradin, a charming town known for its unique culinary traditions. The tour concludes in the beautiful UNESCO heritage town of Šibenik, where the Krka River meets the Adriatic Sea.

Skradin, known historically as Scardona, is a picturesque town located at the mouth of the Krka River. The town itself is one of the best-preserved Dalmatian towns, boasting traditional architecture and unique culinary practices. Our guided tour through Skradin gives you a taste of local traditions such as klapa singing, coupled with the roaring backdrop of the Skradinski Buk waterfalls. The town also offers a renowned culinary delight – Skradin risotto, a dish cooked for 12 hours over an open fire!

Šibenik is the oldest native Croatian city on the Adriatic coast and the final stop on our tour. It’s home to the magnificent cathedral of St. James, considered one of the most beautiful in Croatia. The cathedral’s unique architectural sculpture, built over an entire century by successive architects, is a stunning testament to Croatian heritage. Moreover, the city is located in a beautiful bay where the Krka River meets the sea, providing breathtaking views and photographic opportunities.

We recommend packing a camera to capture the breathtaking scenery of Krka, comfortable walking shoes for the paths and wooden bridges, and a hat and sunscreen to protect from the sun during summer months. Swimwear is also recommended if you wish to enjoy the emerald waters. As we move through diverse locations, we advise dressing in layers to adapt to changing weather conditions. Lastly, bring your curiosity and sense of adventure as you prepare to explore the treasures of the Krka River!