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Wonders of Plitvice Lakes

Croatia's masterpiece of nature!

Plitvice, with its luminous lakes and spectacular waterfalls, are one of the most popular destinations in this part of Europe! The water has been flowing over the limestone and chalk have over thousands of years creating natural dams which resulted in a series of 16 beautiful lakes, caves and waterfalls. These geological processes continue today. The forest in the park is home to bears, wolves and many rare bird species and the entire area around the lakes is so lush and wildly pristine that UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1979.

  • This tour is fully private and on request only.
  • Tour includes collection from your hotel, villa or private accommodation by our professional English speaking chauffeur in a comfortable luxury sedan car or passenger van from Zagreb, Zadar, Šibenik, Split or Istria, local guide and entrance tickets to National Park.
  • Bring your camera, slip-proof comfortable shoes, hat and sunscreen in the summer months.
  • Kindly note that this experience is not suitable for guests with mobility issues!

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The lake system of Plitvice is divided into the upper and lower lakes which receive most of their water from rivers called the Black and White River River. After it rushes past the Sastavci waterfall on the lower lakes, water continues to flow to the Korana River and the Plitvice brook, dropping from an elevation of 76m. Home to 120 bird species and 75 plant species endemic to the park, this wonder of nature is both a beautiful en route stop as well as an incredible destination.

Enjoy a relaxing and refreshing tour of Plitvice National Park with a local guide. You will explore the chain of 16 beautiful lakes and waterfalls and learn of the circumstances that led to their formation. Immerse in the depths of the regional history, heavily hit in the 1990’s conflict. The surrounding forest of the park is home to a great variety wildlife and some rare bird species; the nature so pristine that UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1979.

The Lakes stun in all seasons, lovely and cool during summer, icy and calm in winter, yellow and ochre in autumn, green and fresh in spring. Most of the region gets covered with snow from November until the end of March while in December and January all of the lakes freeze over, creating a magical winter landscape.

Conveniently located near the main road that connects Zagreb with the Adriatic Coast, Plitvice are a great visit from most regions of Croatia, including Istria, Zagreb, Split and Zadar. Please note, tour from Zagreb includes a visit to the very picturesque Rastoke. Rastoke is located on Slunjčica River, right before it flows into the river Korana. In Rastoke, Slunjčica creates a series of small lakes and picturesque waterfalls, portraying a rare symbiosis of beautiful nature and well preserved 17th century mills.

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Zadar, Zagreb

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Zagreb: 137 Km
Zadar: 145 Km
Šibenik: 188Km
Split: 255 Km

Plitvice National Park




The Legend of Plitvice

According to legend, Plitvice Lakes were created after a long period of drought. Longing for relief, people, animals and nature prayed for their salvation. The Black Queen appeared bringing along a strong wind that blew furiously. Soon after, the rain poured down in such volume that it created Black and White rivers, the source for the lakes and waterfalls that Plitvice are famous for today. The actual size of the park is 300 square kilometres and the surrounding wilderness is home to bears, wolves, deer, wildcats, lynx and wild boar. The largest fall is over 70 metres high and has a stairway that leads to the top for a picture-perfect view. Plitvice Lakes have been used as location for numerous German ‘spaghetti western’ films!


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The private Plitvice tour is a bespoke experience designed to immerse you in the natural wonders of Croatia. This tour takes you to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its stunning lakes, cascading waterfalls, and diverse wildlife. As a private tour, you’ll enjoy a personalized experience with a flexible itinerary, allowing you to explore the park at your own pace. You’ll have the opportunity to walk along the park’s scenic trails, take a boat ride across the crystal-clear lakes, and witness the breathtaking beauty of the waterfalls. The tour also includes a knowledgeable guide who will share fascinating insights about the park’s geology, flora, and fauna.

The Plitvice Lakes are considered a natural wonder of Croatia due to their exceptional beauty and unique geological features. The park is home to 16 terraced lakes that are interconnected by a series of waterfalls and cascades. The lakes are renowned for their distinctive colors, which range from azure to green, grey, or blue, depending on the minerals in the water and the angle of sunlight. The park also boasts a rich biodiversity, with many species of birds, wolves, bears, and rare plants. The combination of these natural features makes the Plitvice Lakes a truly remarkable destination.

The Plitvice Lakes tours include a visit to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore the park’s beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and forests. The tour includes transportation to and from the park, entrance fees, and the services of a professional guide. During the tour, you’ll walk along the park’s scenic trails, take a boat ride across the lakes, and enjoy stunning views of the waterfalls. The tour also includes breaks for lunch and free time for you to explore the park at your own leisure.

The tour to Plitvice Lakes from Split is a full-day excursion. The journey from Split to Plitvice Lakes National Park takes approximately 3 hours each way, depending on traffic conditions. Once at the park, you’ll have several hours to explore the lakes, waterfalls, and forests. Despite the travel time, the tour is well worth it as you’ll get to experience one of Croatia’s most stunning natural attractions.

When preparing for the Plitvice Lakes tour, it’s important to dress appropriately for the weather and the activities. Comfortable walking shoes are a must as you’ll be walking along forest trails and wooden boardwalks. It’s also recommended to wear layers as the weather can change quickly. Don’t forget to bring a rain jacket or umbrella in case of rain, and a hat and sunscreen for sun protection. In the summer, you might want to bring a swimsuit and towel as swimming is allowed in certain parts of the park.

Yes, a boat ride is one of the highlights of the Plitvice Lakes tour. The boat ride takes you across the largest lake in the park, Kozjak Lake, offering stunning views of the surrounding waterfalls and forests. The boat ride is included in the entrance fee and is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of the park from a different perspective.

Absolutely! The Plitvice Lakes tour is a great experience for children. The park’s beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, and wildlife are sure to captivate children of all ages. The walking trails are well-maintained and suitable for children, and there are plenty of opportunities for rest and picnics. However, it’s important to note that the tour involves a fair amount of walking, so it may not be suitable for very young children or those with limited mobility.

Plitvice Lakes National Park is home to a diverse range of wildlife. As you explore the park, you might spot animals such as brown bears, wolves, eagles, owls, and various species of fish. The park is also home to a variety of bird species, making it a great spot for birdwatching. However, please remember to respect the wildlife and keep a safe distance at all times.