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Duration: full day

Difficulty: easy

Location: Dubrovnik

Available May to October

Cooking in Dubrovnik wine county

Learn a traditional hearth-side recipe in Dubrovnik's famous wine region

Join Mario Bartulović, the young and enthusiastic winemaker, storyteller and advocate of the beauties of rural life, on the most authentic culinary experience in the Dubrovnik region! The ancient recipe of peka that harkens back to the prehistoric times is a quintessential Dalmatian tradition so beloved for its hearty and delicious flavors and the way it brings people together around the fire! Sharing stories over some fantastic Pelješac wines, Mario will walk you through the unique peka experience of slow cooking under the bell!

  • This tour is fully private and on request only.
  • Tour includes collection from your hotel, villa or private accommodation in Dubrovnik, Orebić or Korčula by your host Mario Bartulović, wine tasting at two of the most important wine cellars in the region, hands-on cooking experience and lunch with wine.
  • Secret Dalmatia’s cooking class in wine county is one of our most requested programs, hence we advise that you book early so to avoid disappointment.
  • Bring your camera, comfortable shoes, hat and sunscreen in the summer months.
  • Choose between preparing a traditional meat or fish meal and please advise on any dietary restrictions you might have.

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The youthful and enthusiastic winemaker Mario Bartulović, from Prizdrina on Pelješac peninsula, welcomes you to the Dubrovnik’s wine empire to experience the two jewels among the peninsula’s traditions – memorable wines and a life-long passion for peka making!

Mario’s family has been living on Pelješac for over 5 centuries, hence there might not be a better person to give you a first-hand account of the livelihood and history in the area. Painting the story of the region’s wines, Mario will take you to two wine cellars – Napa Valley’s favorite Croat, Mike Grgich’s cellar set above Trstenik and his own, the winery Bartulović. Offering two different takes on the same local varieties, including Plavac Mali reds, Rukatac and Pošip whites, Mario will illustrate the incredible character of these sorts, but also the immense role individual wine maker’s approaches play in the final product.

Prepare yourself for a special experience – peka feast! Peka is an iron bell-shaped lid that is placed over a pan of meat – traditionally veal or lamb, potatoes all covered in hot coals, allowing the food to slowly roast over several hours, resulting in tender meat and succulent potatoes. Under Mario’s guidance you will learn the secrets behind this simple yet divine dish, enjoying the final delicious result as the ultimate compliment to the local wines.

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Distance to attraction


Pelješac: 67 Km

Bartulović Wine Cellar, Prizdrina




The wines of Dingač

The legendary and bold wines of Dingač come from the protected region of vineyards that sit high on the southern slopes of the Pelješac peninsula. At possibly some of the steepest vineyards in the world, the grapes are grown with very little intervention and only able to be harvested by hand. Literally baking in the endless sunshine of the region, the vines are exposed to ‘triple insolation,’ direct and reflected off the sea and white rock, resulting in a wine that truly speaks of the harsh terroir of the karst land – strong, concentrated and full of body.


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A Dubrovnik wine tour is a delightful plunge into the distinctive and diverse flavors of the region’s celebrated vineyards. But ours offers more than just a regular wine-tasting experience. Here, you’re not just sampling wines; you’re enveloped in the region’s rich traditions, cherished stories, and ancient cooking methods. Our guide, Mario Bartulović, a winemaker himself, is a storyteller who walks you through centuries-old wine traditions and demonstrates the culinary art of peka. You become a part of the vibrant tapestry of local heritage, taking with you more than just memories but the skills to recreate the hearty flavors of Dalmatia.

Wine lovers embarking on this Dubrovnik wine tasting adventure will not only taste the fruits of the vine but also explore two distinct wine cellars. Here, you will experience the richness and depth of local varietals like Plavac Mali reds, Rukatac, and Pošip whites. You’ll learn about the influence of individual winemakers’ methods on the character of each wine. This wine journey includes a visit to Napa Valley’s favorite Croat, Mike Grgich’s cellar, and the Bartulović winery. Each cellar has a unique approach to wine production, providing a comprehensive tasting experience in Dubrovnik’s wine empire.

The crown jewel of our Dubrovnik cooking tour is the peka experience – an ancient Dalmatian cooking method that creates a memorable feast. Peka is not just a way of cooking; it is an essential part of Dalmatian culture, a slow-food process where food is cooked under a bell-shaped lid buried in hot coals. As a part of this tour, you’ll prepare a traditional meat or fish meal under the expert guidance of our guide, Mario. This hands-on cooking experience allows you to uncover the secrets of the peka process and enjoy the fruits of your labor with local wines.

Absolutely! This Dubrovnik wine tour and cooking experience is as inclusive as it is immersive. We strive to cater to all dietary preferences and restrictions. When booking your tour, simply inform us about your dietary needs, and we’ll ensure that the meal you prepare and enjoy suits your requirements. Whether you choose to prepare a traditional meat or fish meal, our guide Mario Bartulović will guide you through a culinary experience that not only suits your needs but also reveals the heart of Dalmatian cuisine.

Yes, our Dubrovnik wine tours are fully private and customized according to your preferences. We believe in providing an intimate and personalized experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of the region without the distractions of a group tour. You’ll be collected from your hotel, villa, or private accommodation in Dubrovnik, Orebić, or Korčula by your host, Mario Bartulović, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Yes, the Dubrovnik cooking tour is designed to cater to all levels of cooking experience. Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or new to the kitchen, our guide Mario will walk you through the process step-by-step, making it easy, enjoyable, and educational. Plus, you’ll be able to take these new skills home with you and recreate the unique flavors of Dalmatian cuisine for your family and friends.

The Dubrovnik wine tours and cooking experience is available from May to October. This is when the weather is most suitable for visiting vineyards and enjoying outdoor cooking. As this is one of our most requested programs, we advise booking early to avoid disappointment.

Comfort is key for this immersive experience. We recommend bringing comfortable shoes, a hat, and sunscreen, especially during the summer months. And of course, don’t forget your camera to capture the beautiful landscapes, unique vineyards, and your cooking achievements!

The Dubrovnik wine tour and cooking experience is a full-day activity. This allows enough time for you to delve deep into the winemaking processes, explore the unique features of each vineyard, understand the wine varieties, and indulge in a hands-on cooking experience without feeling rushed.

Mario Bartulović, your host for this experience, is not just a winemaker; he’s an enthusiast, a storyteller, and an advocate of the beauties of rural life. Born and raised in the region, Mario’s family has been living on the Pelješac peninsula for over five centuries, making him an unparalleled guide to its culture, history, and culinary traditions. With his wealth of local knowledge and personal insights, you’ll be gaining a uniquely intimate and authentic perspective of Dubrovnik’s wine region.