Hike & Dine in the Dalmatian Hinterland

Enjoy the beauty of cooking and dining outdoors!

Step back from the coast and head to the foothills of the Dinaric Alps to discover the mysterious and pristine world of the Dalmatian hinterland! Following ancient paths that traverse dramatic canyon gorges, discover ruins, pass alongside crystal clear rivers and spend an invigorating day immersed in the stories of the hidden history of this region which has been left practically unchanged for centuries. As your exceptional guide Domagoj leads you through this extraordinary hike, you’re actually headed for the ultimate treat - a 'wild table' meal of hinterland specialities prepared by Domagoj before your very eyes! A memorable day of adventure, freedom, fascinating stories and a little bit of decadence!

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Duration:   full day

Difficulty:   moderate

Location:   Zagora

Available May to October

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At the spring of Cetina river
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Meat lovers paradise!
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Great and authentic local cuisine
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By the fire
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Dom cooking outdoors
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Dom cooking outdoors
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Bucolic scenery of the valley
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Tranquil nature and historic scenery
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Hike through wonderful nature
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Blend of tradition and nature
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Homemade bacon
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Outdoor feast in the wilderness of Dalmatia
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Secret Dalmatia

Tour description


Your tour departs from Split in an off-road vehicle, heading inland to the small and picturesque town of Sinj, where you will visit the lively farmers’ market. You are on a mission for fresh and seasonal fruits, vegetables and meats for your outdoor feast in the wilderness of Dalmatia! Following a coffee break amongst locals in the main square, you will begin your hike along the Cetina River, surrounded by the bucolic scenery of the valley. The ridges of mountains in Bosnia and the Dinaric Alps tower above you, sudden springs burst from the limestone and time seems to stand still as you stroll past the ancient abandoned mills. Your guide, Domagoj, is very passionate about the region so expect engaging stories and intricate historic details throughout your walk.

In the shade of a poplar tree, like a magician, Domagoj will pull out all of the cooking gear to begin your wild table cooking experience! While grilling and cooking meat and fish dishes seasoned with wild Dalmatian herbs, enjoy some Croatian charcuterie - traditional cured meats and homemade cheeses and, of course, the regions’ delicious virgin olive oil. All this in tranquil nature! Only to be improved by the nice local wine Domagoj snuck into his pack!

This Secret Dalmatia Hike & dine in the Dalmatian hinterland is not only a journey through the wonderful nature but a pleasure derived from the simplicity of good local food enjoyed outdoors, enhanced with Domagoj's fantastic storytelling. Experience the different Dalmatia, our secret for you.

  • This tour is fully private and on request only.
  • Tour includes collection from your hotel, villa or private accommodation in Split region, chauffeured off-road vehicle, guide for the duration of the trip, refreshments and picnic lunch.
  • Secret Dalmatia's Hike & dine in the Dalmatian hinterland is one of our most requested programs, hence we advise that you book early so to avoid disappointment.
  • Bring your camera, comfortable shoes, hat and sunscreen in the summer months.
  • Please advise if you have any mobility issues so the tour can be adjusted accordingly.

The Dalmatian hinterland

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Zagora literally translates to ‘behind hills’, and Dalmatian Zagora is lined with Dinaric mountains that separate it from the Adriatic coast. Harsh at first sight, Zagora alternates its barren karst with stone-made settlements and green river valleys. The jewel, the river Cetina, draws attention to the region with its scenic canyons and emerald waters, the magnificent Peruća Lake, and adrenaline-filled river rafting routes. The battleground of many histories, from Turks and local Hajduks to the recent Croatian War of Independence, Zagora has been continuously depopulated for a couple of centuries now, losing its hard-working, proud and friendly people one by one.

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6:34 PM


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Hike & Dine in the Dalmatian Hinterland

Hike & Dine in the Dalmatian Hinterland

Enjoy the beauty of cooking and dining outdoors!