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From the hillside of Zagorje to the Istrian vineyards and walls of Dubrovnik

Nestled between the east and the west, Croatia unveils an incredible wealth of cultural, historic and culinary heritage, along with a breathtaking array of different spectacles of nature – coast, islands, mountains, flatlands, lakes, sea, sun, snow. Natural diversity in Croatia is among the most fascinating in all of Europe, due to it stretching from the planes of central Europe to the Adriatic coast within just a few hours, with the landscapes changing dramatically! With its dolce vita lifestyle, olives, wines and siesta, the coast has that distinct feeling of the old Mediterranean seaside, while the north of the country brings a strong baroque charm to the mix. It's a remarkable place, truly, Croatia. And great destinations have no alternatives, just like great experiences!
Our mission is to connect you to the best of Croatia. It has been over 10 years that we have been working hard to bring you all the riches of our heritage and connect you to some great people in our country, be it a winemaker on Peljesac peninsula, a private chef at their home in Trogir or a former park ranger in Paklenica National Park. Experiences exist in Croatia for every traveler, and for every kind of interest. You just need to talk to the right people. At Secret Dalmatia.


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