Zadar and Šibenik Walking Tours

Secret Dalmatia Walking Tours

In Zadar and Šibenik area!

When: Year long
Duration:  Half day
From: Zadar, Šibenik and Split.

Zadar is one of Croatia's most beautiful historic gems. Join us for a wonderful walking tour of this lovely city that was Dalmatia's capital for over a thousand years.
Zadar of  Von Trapp

Discover the charm of Zadar's Austro-Hungarian heritage as we walk in the childhood footsteps of. Georg Von Trapp, the famous Austrian officer and main character of the Oscar -winning The Songs of Our lives. As we stroll down beautiful Austrian parks and enjoy the famous promenade where once noble families had their mansions and palaces, we'll pause at the former cafe Bristol on Zadar's Riva for a taste of the city's famous maraschino liquer. This tour lasts about 2 hours and includes professional guide, refreshment and all admission tickets required, starting at 40 Euros per person.

 Secret Dalmatia's Zadar

Unlike other tours of Zadar that focus on the cold, stone monuments of Zadar's past, this original program focuses on the way of life of Zadar and how it changed through the centuries. A tour that touches all of your senses! You'll discover Zadar's stunning sacral art exhibition: Gold and Silver of Zadar and learn about the legend of St Simeon and how French knight Anton lost his life in search for his loved one. And then touch the same ancient walls that the Crusaders crossed when they ransacked the city in 1202. Our walk includes the hustle and bustle of Zadar's marvelous fish market as well as a visit to the waterfront to listen to the ocean play Zadar's internationally famous Sea Organ! This tour lasts 2-3 hours and includes an expert guide, refreshment and tickets to all exhibitions, starting at 35 Euros per person.

The Historic Šibenik

Few are the cities with such a wonderful herritage like Šibenik! From the perfectly preserved Reanaissance quarters to the UNESCO protected cathedral of St James and medieval gardens of local monasteries, Šibenik is a pure discovery! The best ending is the slow food lunch at prestigious Pelegrini restaurant with selection of haute cuisine Dalmatian way with excelent selection of local wines!
Starting at 45 Euros per person.

Historic walks

Contact us for selection of historic walks in Zadar and Šibenik area! From the ruins of Templar fortresses, archeological sites and hidden monasteries, this wonderful area is a wonderful home to some of Croatia's most beautiful and unique natural and historic treasures!





For 2 - 3 - 50 Euros per person
For 4 - 8 - 30 Euros per person

... contact us for larger groups.

The cost includes: expert local guide, tickets when needed, all taxes and VAT, basic insurance while on the tour


The programs can be combined into multi - day experiences. Contact us for selection of gastronomy tours.
The tours can be tailored for shore excursions and special interests.

Historic monuments of Zadar - Ancient Roman Forum, Church of St Donat, St Anastasia, Gold and Silver of Zadar. Sea organ. Maraschino of Zadar. Historic heritage of Šibenik - Old Town, St James Cathedral, Renaissance buildings, Pelegrini lunch.Wonderful natural heritage of Zrmanja and Krupa rivers and Krka National Park.