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Location: Imotski

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Illyrian Mysteries

With Domagoj Nikolić!

Forget all you know about Dalmatia and the Adriatic history for now. The most monumental sites are not on the coast: it is not Dubrovnik, Split or Zadar that hold the most fascinating and mysterious wonders of ancient history. Hidden in the Dalmatian inland, far from the main tourist hubs, Illyrian Dalmatia is a wonderful mystery! The story of the region’s ancient settlers is still being unraveled, revised and enriched. As new findings surface from the deep layers of the underground and in the areas off the beaten path, connecting the known dots remains an inspiring journey to the very beginnings, especially when told by Mr. Domagoj Nikolić, an author, winemaker, expert in Dalmatian cuisine, cosmologist in mystical disguise and probably the best connoisseur of Illyrian mysteries in the world.

  • This tour is fully private and on request only.
  • Tour includes collection from your hotel, villa or private accommodation by our professional English speaking chauffeur in a comfortable luxury sedan car or passenger van and traditional lunch in the company of your host and his family.
  • Bring your camera, comfortable shoes, hat and sunscreen in the summer months.
  • Please advise if you have any mobility issues so the tour can be adjusted accordingly.

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Ever wondered how Dalmatia got its name? It’s not after the Dalmatian dogs, but rather after the Illyrian tribe Delmati, who settled the region along the Croatian coast long before the Greeks, Romans and Slavs did. Other Illyrian tribes lived in these areas as well, settling the whole region of the western Balkans. Today often regarded as warrior hordes, as judged based on the known tangible findings and a history written mainly by the winners, a lot remains to be said about their culture, their mystic knowledge and their spiritual superstructures.  One of the most amazing megalithic cultures of Europe predates any remembered history, established academics claim it is at least 10,000 years old, but we claim it goes much further back in history, to Pre-Diluvian times.

Unveiling the landscapes behind Biokovo Mountain, the town of Imotski and its tiny neighbor Cista Provo, this tour takes you to see some of the most amazing megalithic sites in Europe: sacred temples, wells, cairns, burial sites and landscapes dotted with astronomical markers. All of these amazing places had been built with the knowledge of mystical mathematics, astronomy, alchemy and ancient science of cosmic principles. Unless you have seen Dalmatia with symbolist and philosophical eyes, you have not seen it at all.

Get away from crowds and enjoy the peaceful solitude of ancient mysteries while going to places most people don’t get into. You will get to experience the most amazing food and local wines prepared to the mystical rules of the season and to ancient traditions and beliefs to celebrate this wonderful land and our time together.

There are thousands of other tours that offer very little to the heart and the mind, not to mention the soul. However, after this life-changing experience, you will be able to discern the difference between true civilization dedicated to the immortality of the soul, and the situation that we find ourselves in today, called “progress”.

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Split: 85 Km




Stećak monuments

Stećci are megalithic pieces of stone scattered throughout the territories of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, also Serbia and Montenegro, often found in remote but spectacular locations. Over 70.000 have been registered to date, but experts estimate there might be over 100.000.
A number of stećci are known to have been used as medieval tombstones which was derived from the elaborate engraved illustrations and epitaphs on the found pieces. It remains unclear what the remaining remarkable pieces were intended for. In 2016 stećci have been listed as UNESCO heritage site.


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As part of the Illyria tour, you will embark on an adventure that transcends the conventional notions of a history tour in Croatia. We will guide you through a unique exploration of the Illyrian mysteries, taking you to the region’s most exceptional megalithic sites in Europe, including sacred temples, wells, cairns, burial sites, and landscapes marked with astronomical indicators. With Mr. Domagoj Nikolić, an expert in Illyrian history and cosmology, at the helm, you will be submerged in the extraordinary tales of the ancient Illyrian tribes. This full-day tour invites you to step into the mystical past and indulge in local food and wines that follow traditional and seasonal customs.

Unlike other history tours in Split, our Illyria tour delves into the mysterious world of the Illyrian tribes. The Illyrians were an ancient group who settled the region along the Croatian coast even before the Greeks, Romans, and Slavs. Regarded as warrior hordes, the Illyrians possessed a rich culture steeped in mystical knowledge and spiritual rituals. By partaking in our Illyrian tour, you will unveil a history that predates documented memory, challenging established historical timelines and narratives.

Domagoj Nikolić is an acclaimed author, winemaker, and a notable authority on Dalmatian cuisine and cosmology. But more than his credentials, Domagoj is recognized as the foremost expert on Illyrian mysteries worldwide. His vast knowledge spans across several disciplines including mystical mathematics, astronomy, alchemy, and ancient cosmic principles. As your host, he offers a unique perspective that uncovers the mysteries of ancient Illyria, providing an enriching and insightful journey into the land’s forgotten past.

On the Illyrian tour, you will be visiting an array of megalithic sites that embody the spiritual and cultural wisdom of the ancient Illyrian tribes. These sites include sacred temples, wells, cairns, burial sites, and landscapes scattered with astronomical markers. These monuments, which are often found in remote yet spectacular locations, serve as tangible evidence of a civilization dedicated to the immortality of the soul. They showcase ancient scientific knowledge and demonstrate the Illyrians’ profound connection to cosmic principles.

The town of Imotski, situated behind the Biokovo Mountain, is a gateway into the mystical world of Illyrian Dalmatia. Known for its captivating landscapes and ancient heritage, Imotski offers access to some of the most remarkable megalithic sites in Europe. Its close proximity to Cista Provo, another hidden gem of Illyrian history, further cements its importance on the Illyrian tour. In this region, you’ll discover a wealth of cultural artifacts that bring you closer to the understanding of the Illyrians’ way of life, their spiritual rituals, and their unwavering connection to nature and the cosmos.

Food and wine hold a significant place in Illyrian culture. They are not merely viewed as sustenance but are intricately tied to the seasons, ancient traditions, and beliefs. During the Illyrian tour, you will savor the most exquisite local foods and wines, all prepared according to these mystical rules. This gastronomic experience will enhance your journey into the past, allowing you to celebrate the land and its heritage in a more intimate and meaningful way.

This Illyrian tour provides an intimate encounter with ancient Illyrian tribes and their deep-seated spirituality, mystery, and wisdom. It delves into the complex labyrinth of history, challenging conventional knowledge, and unveiling a narrative that reaches back to Pre-Diluvian times. The combination of visiting the most incredible megalithic sites in Europe, being guided by an expert like Domagoj Nikolić, and indulging in traditional food and wines prepared according to mystical seasonal rules make this tour an unforgettable journey. This encounter with the true civilization dedicated to the immortality of the soul leaves a profound impact, often changing perspectives and enriching the understanding of our own existence.

To fully enjoy your exploration of Illyrian mysteries, we recommend bringing a camera to capture the extraordinary megalithic sites and the breathtaking landscapes. As the tour involves some moderate physical activity, comfortable shoes are also advisable. If you’re joining us during the summer months, we suggest packing a hat and sunscreen to protect against the sun. Lastly, if you have any mobility issues, please let us know in advance so we can adjust the tour accordingly.

Stećci are megalithic stone monuments scattered throughout the territories of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro. Over 70,000 Stećci have been documented so far, but experts estimate there might be over 100,000. These monumental stones, often located in remote but captivating locations, are known to have served as medieval tombstones, as evidenced by intricate engravings and epitaphs. However, the purpose of many other Stećci remains an intriguing mystery. In recognition of their historical significance, Stećci were listed as a UNESCO heritage site in 2016.

The Illyrian tour is designed to engage the hearts and minds of people across all ages. However, it’s important to note that this tour includes visits to remote locations and involves moderate physical activity. For children and elderly guests, we recommend that they have a reasonable level of fitness to comfortably navigate the sites. Please let us know about any potential mobility issues beforehand so that we can tailor the tour to accommodate every participant’s needs. We believe in a bespoke approach to every client, ensuring that everyone can delve into the Illyrian mysteries comfortably and enjoyably.