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Roman Heritage of Split and Salona

Roman Heritage of Split and Salona

Croatia is a country brimming with Roman history, culture and archeological treasures and embarking on a private Roman heritage tour of Split and Salona is the best way to experience some of the remarkably preserved Roman treasures on the Adriatic coast!
Split is a complete and unique living Roman tourist destination because its city center, the Roman Emperor Diocletian's Palace, has been continuously inhabited for more than 1700 years. Originally constructed at the turn of the 4th century as a spacious retirement palace for the Emperor Diocletian, several centuries later, after a period of abandonment, the palace served as a refuge for the inhabitants of Salona who fled their homes in front of protruding Slavic tribes, ultimately turning the palace into a city. Today, approximately 3000 people live here, adding a vital charm of everyday living to the beautiful Roman architecture.
After a walking tour of Split, your journey through ancient history continues in Salona, the largest Croatian site of antiquity-era monuments that earned the title of "Croatia's Pompeii".
The archaeological site of Salona is one of the richest Roman sites in Croatia. In the ancient times, it was the capital city of the Roman province Dalmatia, and one of the largest cities of the Empire, situated on the crossroads of sea and land routes of the ancient Mediterranean. The size, the prosperity and splendor of the ancient city is attested by the remains of the imposing walls with tower sand gates, a forum with temples, a theater, an amphitheater, as well as the unique structures of Episcopalian early Christian churches in the cemeteries where they buried Salona Martyrs (Manastirine, Kapljuč, Marusinac). Visiting one of the three Roman amphitheaters on the east Adriatic coast gives you the chance to experience the emotions of the ancient gladiators standing in the middle of this spectacular construction.

Optional extras: Embark on a unique adventure through the subterranean parts of Diocletian's aqueduct stretching more than 9 kilometers from the spring of Jadro River to downtown Split. With the help of a local speleologist descend underground to witness the marvel of Roman engineering: miles of perfectly constructed aqueduct carved into the solid rock. Fully equipped with a hard hat, boots, and jumpsuit, you will explore a section of the aqueduct before returning to Split.


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The northern wind bura is common and strong here, bringing about beautiful panoramas of Split in the distance and beautiful clarity of the mind.

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