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Wonders of Plitvice

Discover Europe's most beautiful national park!

Plitvice, with its luminous lakes and spectacular waterfalls, is one of the most popular destinations in this part of Europe! The waters flowing over the limestone and chalk have, over thousands of years, deposited travertine barriers, creating natural dams which in turn have created a series of 16 beautiful lakes, caves and waterfalls. These geological processes continue today. The forests in the park are home to bears, wolves and many rare bird species. The entire area around the lakes is so lush and wildly pristine that UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1979.
The lake system is divided into the upper lakes and the lower lakes. The lakes receive most of their water from rivers called Black River and White River. After it rushes past the Sastavci waterfall on the lower lakes, water continues to flow to the Korana River and the Plitvice brook, dropping from an elevation of 76m.
The Lake areas are lovely and cool during summer, icy and calm in winter, yellow and ochre in autumn, green and fresh in spring. Most of the region gets cowered with snow from November until the end of March and, in December and January, all of the lakes freeze over creating a magical winter landscape.
The lakes and the park are conveniently located near the main road that connects Zagreb with the Adriatic Coast which enables us to offer Plitvice tours from all regions of Croatia except the islands and Dubrovnik.
Tour from Zagreb includes a visit to the very picturesque Rastoke. Rastoke is located on Slunjcica River, right before it flows into the river Korana. In Rastoke, Slunjcica creates a series of small lakes and picturesque waterfalls. Discover the rare symbiosis of beautiful nature and well preserved 17th century mills. Enjoy the fresh caught trout, delicious lamb from Lika region, veal or venison in a local tavern.


Collection from your hotel, villa or private apartment in Zagreb, Zadar, Šibenik, Split or Istria by our English speaking professional guide/driver, entrance tickets to National Park, walking tour with guide , electric boat ride.

Quick facts

Available year round
8 - 9 AM - departure from your hotel or other meeting place (depending on your departure point)
Walking tour is about 3 - 4 hours long (can be adjusted). Plitvice can be enjoyed on your own.
Bring camera, sports shoes, sun screen...


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The Legend of Plitvice

According to legend, Plitvice lakes were created after a long period of drought. Longing for relief, people, animals and nature prayed for their salvation. A Black Queen appeared bringing along a strong wind that blew furiously. Soon after, the rain poured down in such volume that it created Black and White rivers, the source for the lakes and waterfalls that Plitvice are famous for today.

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