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Foodie Walk of Zagreb

Discover fantastic world of classic tastes of Zagreb!!

Yes, history, architecture and culture are important, but gastronomy of a place, its quotidian eating and drinking habits and ways, may shed even more light onto its true nature. The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, speaks much of its past through its food.
Today, restaurants are innumerable in Zagreb, with many different cuisines represented. The dining scene is active and blossoming, and appears very contemporary. But the taste of the typical, "true" Zagreb dishes, as well as of favorite local drinks, reveals something more about these people. Our tour takes you on a Zagreb culinary journey to present you the beginnings and the ends of local specialties, visiting open food markets Zagreb is known for, interrupted only to stop and taste some of the local specialties, all en route to a classic Zagreb home cooked meal.
Zagreb markets are scattered throughout the town and present an ideal opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the local culture, see locals as they interact in this important daily activity, and witness the exact amounts of freshness delivered daily onto the Zagreb plates. A visit to Dolac, locally known as Plac, right off the main city square of Ban Jelačić, is a vivid chance to meet the food producers, learn how to select the finest produce and taste some of the local specialties, such as cheeses, cream and charcuterie, right from the sellers, while enjoying its lively and colorful atmosphere. During the tour, you will have a chance to sample other local specialties, such as štrukli, small squares of dough layered with soft cheese, boiled and baked at the same time, gemišt – a Croatian version of spritzer, white wine with sparkling water or rakija, a potent brandy produced from different sorts of local fruits and herbs and claimed to improve blood circulation and immunity.

All these appetizers are just an overture for the true Zagreb culinary spectacle: a home-cooked lunch in the house of an old Zagreb family. Not a restaurant, but a private residence where people come to enjoy hearty food and socialize as if they were in their homes.
Our culinary walking tour of Zagreb explores both the historic Upper (Old town) and the Lower (downtown) in at least five discovery stops to taste different local foods and drinks. Just like the classic tours, this one too will also introduce you to history, architecture and culture of the place, just from a different, very unique – and tasteful - perspective.


Collection from your hotel, villa or private apartment in Zagreb by our English speaking professional guide, tastings per itinerary, classic Zagreb lunch with wine

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Available year round.
9 AM departure from your hotel or other meeting place. Morning departures only!
Entire program is about 2 hours long + lunch (can be adjusted) 


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Kremšnita is a treat that those with a sweet tooth should not leave without trying. It is something like a mille-feuille, but only without the „mille feuilles" in between, just thick custard cream between two crispy layers of dough.
Two most popular variants in Croatia are Samoborska kremšnita from the town of Samobor (near Zagreb) and Zagrebačka kremšnita from the capital, Zagreb. The more popular Samoborska has a puff pastry top, finished with powdered sugar and predominantly custard cream filling. Zagrebačka has chocolate icing instead of the puff pastry top.

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