Slovenia's Lake Bled

Slovenia's National Treasure

Welcome to one of the most 'storybook' settings in Europe where the natural beauty and romantic ambiance of Slovenia put on a spectacular show – the magical Lake Bled! An emerald green lake with Slovenia's only island is surrounded by alpine forests, a castle perched high on the ridge and the snowcapped peaks of the Julian Alps in the backdrop. A picture - perfect church occupies the small island, awaiting traditional hand propelled gondola style boats to make the short trip across the lake and bring curious visitors over. Discover the legends that surround the lake and ring the church bell for good luck, although you will already feel fortunate enough to be there! 

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Duration:   full day

Difficulty:   easy

Location:   Zagreb, Ljubljana

Available all year round

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Bled castle
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Lake Bled
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Traditional Bled`s rowboat called Pletna
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Swan at lake Bled
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Fairy tale panoramas
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Pletna boats and mountains
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Pletna boats
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The church on the island of lake Bled

Tour description

A scenic two hour drive from Zagreb, the fairy tale of Slovenia’s Bled Lake enchants with unparalleled serenity, fresh alpine air and a picture-perfect combo of nature and romance. This corner of the Earth, where time seems to linger between emerald waters, mountain peaks and celestial blues, inspires romantics, nature lovers and families alike.

Your private English speaking chauffeur will meet you at your Zagreb hotel to drive you to Bled. As you leave the bustling city behind, see the capital of Croatia slowly melt into green landscapes of rolling hills, hilltop castles and small villages. The drive to Bled takes around two hours and crosses EU border between Croatia and Slovenia.

Slovenia is tiny but charming and very attractive, with its meticulously tendered landscapes and picturesque villages. You will drive through most of this small country but count on falling in love with Bled’s glacial lake almost instantaneously.

Your exploration starts with a highlight: a ride in the traditional wooden pletna boat, propelled very much like a gondola. Head over to the tiny islet capped with an exquisite 17th century Church of the Assumption, sitting on top of 99 stairs. On the lakeside, enjoy a pleasant promenade or hike up to the Bled Castle, sitting some 100 meters above the lake and promising breath-taking views. Enjoy a lunch of Slovenian specialties on your own and do not miss tasting the signature Bled cake at one of the many cafés or patisseries along the waterfront.

  • This tour is fully private and on request only.
  • Tour includes collection from your hotel or private accommodation in Zagreb region by our professional English speaking chauffeur in a comfortable luxury sedan car or passenger van, local guide, entrance tickets and pletna boat ride.
  • Bring your camera, comfortable shoes, hat and sunscreen in the summer months. If travelling from Croatia, make sure to bring your passport and travel documents for the border control!
  • OPTIONAL: On your way back to Zagreb, a visit to the Trakošćan Castle can be a wonderful addition to this day and an insight into the glory days and stormy past of the region. 

The Legends of Bled

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It is only fitting that legend and myth surround magical Lake Bled. The lake itself is believed to have been created by fairies who once lived in the valley. When shepherds did not heed their warning to leave, and moved their grazing flocks of sheep into the valley, the fairies brought on a violent storm and flooded the land, leaving only one islet of rocks in the center of the lake. Later, a young widow who lived in the Bled castle had a bell cast for the chapel in honor of her late husband. During transport, a storm sank the boat taking the bell and the crew down with it. Legend states that one can hear the bell ringing from the lake's depths. The widow spent the rest of her life as a nun in Italy, when she passed away, the Pope had a new bell cast and delivered to Bled. It is rung by visitors for good luck and to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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Slovenia's Lake Bled

Slovenia's Lake Bled

Slovenia's National Treasure