Adriatic Dreaming

Private motor yacht trip to Vis and Biševo islands

While there is more than enough to explore in and around the Dalmatian coast on a standard holiday, it is worth making the extra effort to experience something truly extraordinary. For many, this is a day aboard a private motoryacht, discovering the magical caves, secluded coves and dream-like beaches of Vis and Biševo islands. The most distant inhabited islands from the coast, and historically isolated, they still preserve this charmingly remote feel. Tiny Biševo has less than 20 residents, and Vis, a former Yugoslav military base, was closed off to visitors for almost 40 years. Soak up the sun as you coast past the rugged cliffs, stop to experience the play of light as it sneaks in through cracks in cave walls and enjoy some of Croatia’s most unique beaches, all enveloped in a sense of dreamy awe and unique discovery!

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Duration:   full day

Difficulty:   easy

Location:   Split, Hvar island

Available May to October

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Coast of Vis Island
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At Budihovac Island
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At Budihovac Island
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Komiza town
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Komiza town on Vis Island
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Church fortress of Komiza
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Coves of Vis Island
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At Green cave
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Sandy beaches of Vis
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Smokova beach on Vis Island

Tour description


Following breakfast you will be met by your skipper for your spectacular day trip by private motor yacht to Vis and Biševo islands, experiencing the freedom of exploring the hidden inlets, caves, and beaches. Start with one of Croatia's most unusual natural phenomena on the island of Biševo - the spectacular Blue Cave (Modra Špilja). The best time to experience its famous blue light is between noon and 2 PM. The cave is quite small so we will enter it with a smaller craft upon access granted by the local port authorities. The cave is quite popular and the entrance is managed, so we may have to wait before being allowed - enjoying the spectacular blue surrounding it!

The cave's interior is an indescribable intense blue color due to the rays of sun which penetrate through a single crack in the rock. The lighting effects will be like no other you have ever experienced! Add to that the island's stunning nature and splendid sandy beaches and it is no wonder all our guests leave Biševo short of breath at such wondrous sights!

Next comes the unspoiled island of Vis, praised for its historical heritage but also wines, fishing, architecture and nature. Komiža town is known for the Renaissance tower which today houses the local Fishing museum, but also for seafood and fresh fish, best enjoyed at the famous Bako or Jastožera restaurant, a place where you pick your lobster from the sea for lunch.

To round off your experience, don’t miss a swim on one of Vis beaches, with Stiniva holding a special place in the hearts of our guests. Relax, swim, snorkel - whatever you decide, the Secret Dalmatia Adriatic Dreaming is a dream come true!

  • This tour is fully private and on request only.
  • Tour includes motor yacht, skipper, fuel, entrance tickets to Blue Cave and refreshments on board.
  • Please note, the best time to experience the blue light at the Blue Cave is between noon and 2 PM.
  • Bring your camera, comfortable shoes, swimwear, hats, sunscreen and a light jacket for chilly mornings in shoulder summer months.
  • OPTIONAL: Collection from your hotel, villa or private accommodation in Split region by our professional English speaking chauffeur in a comfortable luxury sedan car or passenger van for a transfer to marina can be organized. Available at additional cost.

Stiniva bay

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Probably formed when the ceiling of a cave collapsed, the full splendor of Stiniva bay on the island of Vis opens up after passing through a narrow slit between high limestone cliffs into a wide, amphitheater-like space, with a pebble beach at the footings. Swimming through this passage in either direction is a Stiniva favorite experience!

Fully encircled in cliffs, part of the beach is always in shade. Several abandoned fisherman huts, as well as somewhat adventurous steep access from land give this cove a distinct feeling of remoteness. The cove and the fisherman huts are protected as a nature reserve!

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Adriatic Dreaming

Adriatic Dreaming

Private motor yacht trip to Vis and Biševo islands