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Tradition, hospitality and family are an integral part of the Croatian mindset, with fresh ingredients being the key to the delicious dishes served on their tables, from fruits and veggies to the specialties and produce sold by farmers, butchers and bakers! At the crossroads of central Europe, the character of Zagreb food is defined by its history, with recipes and ingredients that borrow from centuries of influences, from the Mediterranean freshness of the produce, Austro-Hungarian delicacies and recipes that harken back to the Ottoman Empire. In its award given to the top emerging European destinations of 2017, the Lonely Planet described Zagreb as a city with a 'thriving food and drink scene.' Your tasty walk around its Upper and Lower town will tell you why.

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Duration:   half day

Difficulty:   easy

Location:   Zagreb

Available all year round

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Dolac market is the biggest green market in Croatia
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Villagers from nearby area still bring their produce to Zagreb
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Classic lunch for ending the Foodie Tour of Zagreb
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Britanski trg square is a very picturesque place year round!
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Traditional corn bred
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All seasonal treasures can be fund at Zagreb Dolac market
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Ending the Food Tour of Zagreb with classic dessert
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All seasonal treasures can be fund at Zagreb Dolac market

Tour description


Yes, history, architecture, and culture are important, but gastronomy of a place, its quotidian eating and drinking habits and ways, may shed even more light on its true nature. The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, speaks much of its past through its food. Our tour takes you on a Zagreb culinary journey through the colorful stalls of its most famous market Dolac, over tasting typical local specialties to a classic Zagreb home-cooked meal.

Zagreb markets are scattered throughout the town and present an ideal opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the local culture, seeing locals as they interact in this important daily errand. Dolac, the central open-air market right off the main square of Ban Jelačić, is a vivid chance to meet the producers and taste some of the local specialties, such as cheeses, cream, and charcuterie. Along the way, you will also sample other local highlights, such as štrukli, small squares of dough layered with soft cheese, gemišt – a Croatian version of a spritzer, or rakija, a potent brandy produced from different sorts of local fruits and herbs!

All these flavourful roads ultimately lead to an intimate home-cooked lunch in the house of a traditional Zagreb family. Not a restaurant, but a private residence where people come to enjoy hearty food and socialize as if they were in their own homes.

Our culinary walking tour of Zagreb explores both the historic Upper (Old town) and the Lower (downtown) in at least five discovery stops to taste different local foods and drinks. Just like the Stories tours, this one too will also introduce you to the history, architecture, and culture of the place, just from a different, very unique – and tasty - perspective.

Collection from your hotel, villa or private apartment in Zagreb by our English speaking professional guide, tastings per itinerary, classic Zagreb lunch with wine

Morning departures only!

The entire program is approximately 2 hours long + lunch (can be adjusted)

Bring camera, comfortable walking shoes and a good appetite.


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Kremšnita is a treat that those with a sweet tooth should not leave without trying. It is something like a mille-feuille, but only without the 'mille feuilles' in between, just thick custard cream between two crispy layers of dough.
Two most popular variants in Croatia are Samoborska kremšnita from the town of Samobor (near Zagreb) and Zagrebačka kremšnita from the capital, Zagreb. The more popular Samoborska has a puff pastry top, finished with powdered sugar and predominantly custard cream filling. Zagrebačka has chocolate icing instead of the puff pastry top.

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Foodie Walk & Lunch Zagreb style

Foodie Walk & Lunch Zagreb style

Zagreb for Foodies